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I’m Denese.
A starting, creative, out of the box-thinking webdesigner.

I may not have many projects yet to show, but feel free to take a look at what I do have accomplished!

You might be thinking, “Why should I have my website made by DeneseDesigns instead of having it done by a big business?”.

Well, let me tell you why:


1. Value for your money. I stand for giving you value for your money/ I stand for exchanging value for money. You could go to a big business, where you’d be paying loads of money, while DeneseDesigns could give you similar results for way cheaper.

2. Personal contact. I always like to have personal contact with the people I’ll be making websites for. That way it’ll be more clear to me what your idea for the website is. Great communication leads to succesfull projects.


3. Flexibility. Not happy about something? Just contact me and I will fix it for you straight away. Instead of sending emails about changing things over and over again, on DeneseDesigns it’s done in just a small matter of time.

4. Ownership. In the beginning stages of creation I will manage the account your website is linked to. If you wish, I could add a role so you will be able to change things for yourself. Think about pictures, text, videos, etc. However, if you wish to completely own the site for yourself, that’s a possible option as well


Interested in a website? Feel free to contact me in the menu below. I hope to see you soon!


My projects


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